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"To become the reference in the development of solutions that improve physical mobility".

So we create high-performance solutions that promote self-confidence and enable users to reach their full potential.

In 2011, the mother of one of the founders experiences significant health problems. Despite all the care provided, sepsis results in bilateral amputation below the knees. Following the rehabilitation stages, she is confronted with the use of products that are not adapted to her needs and cause a great deal of discomfort. Today, ten years later, she still has to overcome these difficulties on a daily basis. This is why the company Ethnocare was born and why its members mobilized to develop its first product: The Airstream Liner, a technological solution that significantly improves comfort for amputees and allows them to gain mobility.

Our story

Ethnocare is guided in all its activities by human and social values focused on improving the mobility and quality of life of people living with a disability.


These three key values are: empathy, passion and perseverance.

Our values

Empathy is defined as understanding the feelings and emotions of others. For Ethnocare, it is an ability that allows us to understand the daily life of users, theirs realities and thus allows us to create coherent proposals to their needs.

02. Passion :

Ethnocare is composed of a team that is passionate about their field and is ready to invest in order to achieve the company's vision.

03. Perseverance :

The term perseverance means "to continue to do what one has resolved to do, through a renewed act of will". It refers both to the resilience of the users regarding their condition and to the team's willingness to innovate, to meet the challenges that will come their way.

01. Empathy :

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